Green Springs Elementary School


Principal's Remarks

Welcome to Green Springs School, "The Best School in the Universe!" We are one of two elementary schools within the Clyde-Green Springs Exempted Village School District and are located within the Village of Green Springs just off State Route 19. We serve approximately 525 students in grades kindergarten to five in twenty-two homerooms. We have two sections each of grades kindergarten to third comprised of students in the Green Springs attendance area. We have seven sections each of grades four and five, housing all Clyde-Green Springs students in those grade levels.

Our students are greeted by an experienced and dedicated staff. Beyond our general education teachers and classrooms, we offer special education services in an inclusive co-teaching setting, leveled resource rooms, and a multiple disabilities classroom. Students can also receive speech and language services, occupational therapy, and physical therapy. Our school counselor facilitates a variety of programs to meet building and individual student needs. A gifted intervention specialist provides extended studies services to qualifying students in grades three through five in identified areas.

Beyond academics, our building stresses the "Flier Four" with our students. Students actively learn to Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Kind, and Be a Problem Solver. Students learn how to apply the Flier Four during their school day. Student success is celebrated by all staff members throughout the year as we recognize students who learn to demonstrate these traits in a variety of ways.

We are proud to be known as "The Best School in the Universe!"

420 North Broadway

Green Springs, Ohio 44836

Phone: 419.547.4902

Fax: 419.547.4906

Office Hours: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

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