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School Levy FAQ

Answering all your questions about the CGS Renewal Levy

What is a Permanent Improvement (PI) Levy?

This is commonly referred to as a PI Levy.

This levy is up for renewal on this year’s ballot. This levy will not increase your current taxes.

The taxes for the levy have not increased since 1992, when it was originally passed.

  • We collect $110 / student for permanent improvement

  • We spend $312 / student for permanent improvement

*This levy is different than the replacement levy that was put on the ballot last Spring.

Why is the levy needed?

The Permanent Improvement (PI) levy is needed because this is the only source of PI money that we have as a school district. Collecting the same taxes that we are asking for gives us $110 per student for PI funds, while we spend $312 per student to ensure that our facilities, transportation, and security is up to date and safe for our kids.

What is an Operating Levy?

This is not on this year's ballot. It will be on the ballot in Fall of 2023; looking to combine two current operating levies as one continuous "substitute" levy.

This will not result in any new taxes, but it will relieve voter fatigue by not having to be renewed every 3-5 years and it would allow us to capitalize on any new commercial or residential development.

This levy covers salaries, supplies, utilities, and curriculum materials.

What is paid for with the PI money?

A permanent Improvement levy can be used for the following types of items: Building maintenance (such as boilers, roofs, and mroe), busses, equipment repairs/needs, security systems, HVAC

How much will the levy cost taxpayers?

This is taxed at 35% of appraised home value.

  • Cost per $100,000 home would equate to $19.60/year

  • Average home value in Clyde according to 2020 census data is $98,300 which equates to $19.26/year

Where can I find my house value at?

You can find your home value here.

How much is this levy increasing from the current levy?

It is not increasing the dollar amount from the current levy it is only extending it

How long is it extending the levy?

The Permanent Improvement levy would be renewed for 5 years.

For the ballot in Fall of 2023, the substitute operating levy would serve as a continuous levy that does not need to be renewed.

When was the last time this levy was increased?

The original PI levy was passed in 1992 and has been renewed every 5 years since.

What are the top priorities for PI money this year?

Top priorities for this levy are busses, security systems updates, HVAC repair/updates at MMS, Boiler repair/replacement at CES, a protective awning at Green Springs, and other similar projects.

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