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Superintendent Dennis Haft


Superintendent's Remarks

Hello Flier Nation!

I hope you are finding our new website easier to navigate and find the important information that is relevant to you. It is certainly our goal to keep families and the entire Clyde-Green Springs communities informed as to what is going on in our schools.

Now that I am in my third year as Superintendent I have come to realize and appreciate the important role that everyone plays in getting our students ready for the future. It all, of course, begins in the home, the foundation for all children. The school’s role is to help students obtain skills that will ensure they have a quality life once their school years are complete. When our schools and families work in partnership, many great things happen!

My hope is that you feel that partnership and know that we are dedicated to the goal that all students will succeed and find a passion while in our care. Thank you for trusting us with the development of your child; it is something we can never take lightly. Please feel free to contact me at any time if I can be of service to you.

Warmest Regards,

Dennis Haft

Board of Education Members
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The Clyde-Green Springs Schools have been very progressive in making curriculum changes to best meet the needs of all students. We will continue to remain aggressive in making positive educational change in our delivery system. Our test scores continue to improve and our concern for progress is felt district-wide.

We have many devoted teachers, staff members, and support personnel who really care about the future of our children.

The communities of Clyde and Green Springs have been very supportive of our schools as evidenced by bond and levy passages over the past decade. We continue to be very appreciative of their support.

Welcome to the Clyde-Green Springs School District. We hope your stay with us is a long and productive one. Please enjoy our website and continue to stop back often. The site is continually being updated. Thank you for your interest in the Clyde-Green Springs Schools.

Clyde-Green Springs Schools Administration

Board Policies

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Board Policies

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The Board of Education minutes are not official recordings of the School District until approved by the Board at the following board meeting.

Clyde-Green Springs Board Minutes

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District Departments

Clyde - Green Springs Schools Food Services Department

Food Services Department

Director: Vicky Nieset

433 Hill Street

Clyde OH, 43410

Phone: 419.547.9659

Clyde - Green Springs Schools Library Services Department

Library Services Department

Director: Melissa Detwiler

1015 Race Street

Clyde OH, 43410

Phone: 419.547.9511

Clyde - Green Springs Schools Maintenance Department

Maintenance Department

Director: Randy Hawk

433 Hill Street

Clyde OH, 43410

Phone: 419.547.9659

Clyde - Green Springs Schools School Nurse Department

School Nurse Department

Director: Karen Horn

1015 Race Street

Clyde OH, 43410

Phone: 419.547.9511

Clyde - Green Springs Schools Technology Department

Technology Department

Director: Jordan Hasselbach

1015 Race Street

Clyde OH, 43410

Phone: 419.547.4822

Clyde - Green Springs Schools Transportation Department

Transportation Department

Director: Dan Shafer

204 Academy Street

Green Springs OH, 44836

Phone: 419.547.4901

Treasurer Forms

Fiscal year 2018 financial reports are complete and available for inspection from the Treasurer's office. You can find the items in the folders below.

Clyde - Green Springs Schools Treasurer Department

Treasurer: Meghan Rohde

106 South Main Street

Clyde OH, 43410

Phone: 419.547.0588


Curriculum Director: Joe Letterhos

106 South Main Street

Clyde OH, 43410

Phone: 419.547.0588

The Department of Curriculum and Instruction oversees district curriculum, instruction, and assessment as well as elementary and secondary programming. The department fosters a commitment to educational excellence; ensuring students are prepared to contribute to the competitive and changing world. It is the mission of the department to support high levels of student achievement by supporting the development of a great teacher in every classroom alongside a great administrative team so all educational leaders are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to support learning.

The Department of Curriculum and Instruction is engaged in the continued discussion of the following questions as part of the professional collaboration and work to increase student achievement.

  • What is it we want all students to learn?
  • How will we know when each student has mastered the essential learning?
  • How will we respond when a student experiences initial difficulty learning?
  • How will we deepen the learning for students who have already mastered essential knowledge?
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