Food Service Signup

Food Service Signup

On Friday, September 4, we were informed that we will be able to provide meals at no charge to all students living in our district from September 21 until January 1. This is for any student - those who are participating in the Blended Learning Classes as well as our students who are learning at home in the Virtual Learning Academy. Please read the guidelines/regulations for the program before clicking on the linked image at the bottom of the page.

  • Any student is eligible for the meals, but how the meals will be provided are based on your enrollment.

    • Any student who is attending school in the Blended Learning Model (going to school on Blue/Gold days) will receive free hot meals while at school on the two days they are attending. The meals they will receive at school are:

    • For students learning on the Blended Learning Model (Blue and Gold days) , they must be signed up if you wish to receive meals at home during the 3 days they are not in school. The menu for the meals you can pick up for the week is:

    • Students who are enrolled in the Virtual Model (all 5 days at home) must be signed up if you wish to receive 5 breakfasts and 5 lunches each week. The menu for the 5 days of meals you will receive is:

    • Please know that menu options may be substituted based on factors outside of our control. But we will do our best to follow the menus as shown.

  • In order to ensure accuracy of meal preparation, parents will need to sign up each child individually. (So if you have 3 children, you will need to fill out the Request Form below 3 times).

  • Signing up will allow your child(ren) to receive meals until October 30. Near that time we will be sending out another announcement to sign up your child for the months of November and December.

  • Meals will be available for pickup every Monday from 10:00 am until 11:30 am.

    • You will be able to pick up all your meals at the CGS school of your choice, even if your child does not attend that building.

    • The meals do not need to be picked up by a parent, which means you are permitted to have a grandparent, relative, older sibling, neighbor or family friend pick up the meals ("Car pooling" to pick up meals for multiple families is also possible).

    • Due to limited staff availability, we ask that you request delivery only if you are experiencing a hardship and cannot pick up the meals.

  • In order to purchase and prepare for the program, at-home meals will first be available for students on September 21.

  • All requests for meal service must be submitted via the online application by Thursday at midnight in order to be fulfilled the following Monday.

Please email Vicky Nieset or call 419.547.9659 if you have any questions.

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