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Superintendent Dennis Haft


Superintendent's Remarks

Hello Flier Nation,

Every year I tell myself that nothing new can surprise me regarding this job, and every year I seem to be proven wrong. (I probably shouldn’t say that anymore!)

Thank you all for your patience and support as we begin a new school year, a school year that is probably unlike one any of us has seen in our lifetimes. But, as unique as it is, some things remain the same. As I walked around the buildings on the first day I saw a lot of excited staff and students. Even though their faces were somewhat covered by the masks, it was easy to tell that everyone was enjoying being back at school. It certainly reminded me that the bond between students and teachers is special.

I know we all hope that the message that I am writing in September is outdated by the end of the school year and we are back to full buildings and children and teens that are free to be children and teens. In the meantime we will do our best to communicate with families and provide the best education possible so our students will continue to grow even during unusual conditions.

Warmest Regards,


Clyde-Green Springs Schools Board Memebers 2020
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Board Member's Remarks

The Clyde-Green Springs Schools have been very progressive in making curriculum changes to best meet the needs of all students. We will continue to remain aggressive in making positive educational change in our delivery system. Our test scores continue to improve and our concern for progress is felt district-wide.

We have many devoted teachers, staff members, and support personnel who really care about the future of our children.

The communities of Clyde and Green Springs have been very supportive of our schools as evidenced by bond and levy passages over the past decade. We continue to be very appreciative of their support.

Welcome to the Clyde-Green Springs School District. We hope your stay with us is a long and productive one. Please enjoy our website and continue to stop back often. The site is continually being updated. Thank you for your interest in the Clyde-Green Springs Schools.

Clyde-Green Springs Schools Administration

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Board Policies

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District Departments

Clyde - Green Springs Schools Food Services Department

Food Services Department

Director: Vicky Nieset

433 Hill Street

Clyde OH, 43410

Phone: 419.547.9659

Clyde - Green Springs Schools Library Services Department

Library Services Department

Director: Melissa Detwiler

1015 Race Street

Clyde OH, 43410

Phone: 419.547.9511

Clyde - Green Springs Schools Maintenance Department

Maintenance Department

Director: Randy Hawk

433 Hill Street

Clyde OH, 43410

Phone: 419.547.9659

Clyde - Green Springs Schools School Nurse Department

School Nurse Department

Director: Karen Horn

1015 Race Street

Clyde OH, 43410

Phone: 419.547.9511

Clyde - Green Springs Schools Technology Department

Technology Department

Director: Jordan Hasselbach

1015 Race Street

Clyde OH, 43410

Phone: 419.547.4822

Clyde - Green Springs Schools Transportation Department

Transportation Department

Director: Dan Shafer

204 Academy Street

Green Springs OH, 44836

Phone: 419.547.4901