Clyde High School goes worldwide, partners with EF Education First to offer Global Perspectives course.

New course offering will focus on leadership and 21st century skills development through cultural immersion and real-world problem solving.

Clyde High School has implemented a new course, called Global Perspectives. Allowing students to step out of the classroom and into a new rich culture based curriculum. The program is a partnership with EF Educational Tours. The Global Perspectives course to help participants become global citizens while inspiring and preparing them to tackle the most pressing challenges of today and tomorrow.  

Clyde High School is particularly excited about the online, project-based learning platform that is part of the course, which will allow the students to strengthen their creativity, leadership, innovation, and problem-solving skills by using distance learning in an online environment that simulates college-level difficulty.

The program will allow students to be part of  educational tours to explore and learn more about world culture and history and how it directly relates to the United States own growth as a nation.  The course culminates with students creating final projects via the online learning platform, and presenting their findings to the local community in a way that inspires future world explorers. After successfully completing the Global Perspectives experience, participants will receive three college-level credits.

If you are interested in any additional information please contact Terry Meyer at Clyde High School

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