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Minecraft Projects

The Tech Flight Crew will be doing a trial based class working on non graded projects 1st Period on Wednesday's and Friday's of each week. After School sessions will be offered as well for students wanting to learn more and create more. The goal of this entire project is to create awareness that not all "Video Games" are what a lot of people think are and to show what can be done via the minds of our future students. With some direction and guidance we can create, build, collaborate, and critical think through any thing. Below are a couple of the Projects that the class will focus on with the ultimate focus to work hand in hand with each other to re-create Clyde High School.
  • Student Project #1
    • Pixel Art - Each Student will choose a sprite to create
  • Student Project #2
  • Student Project #3
  • Team Project #1
  • Team Project #2
  • Team Project #3
  • Class Project #1
    • Create 1:1 scale model of Clyde High School using blueprints of the OSFC 2010 building renovation program
    • Create a virtual tour once completed showing off project
Minecraft Creativity Links

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Minecraft Q&A

  • Q. What is Minecraft?
    • A. Minecraft is a sandbox video game that spans multiple media devices and allows you to create virtually anything you can think of.
  • Q. How is a video game classified as educational?
    • A. Minecraft is all about problem solving, creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking. Look above at some of the links to view examples of things built in Minecraft.
  • Q. What is "Vanilla Minecraft"?
    • A. This is an unaltered official release version of the game that has no player base "mods" installed.
  • Q. What are "mods"?
    • A. "Mods" are moderation or extensions to the original game that help automate many things or change certain aspects of the game.
    • A. CLICK HERE for an example of a very popular mod called Buildcraft. 
Student Flier Made Projects

Other Example Projects