Welcome to Janelle Tea's Staff Page

Department: Special Education
Courses taught this year: Resource Language Arts and Math, Inclusion Language Arts
Courses Previously taught: Resource Language Arts and Math, Inclusion Language Arts
Extra Curricular Activities I advise: None

First year at Clyde-Green Springs: 2013-2014
Colleges attended: Youngstown State University

Personal Note: My husband is a teacher at Clyde High School. We have a one year old little boy and a four year old cat. I enjoy reading, shopping, and exploring Pinterest. 

Staff Information

McPherson Middle School
4230 Limerick Road
Clyde, OH 43410
Phone: (419) 547 - 9150
Extension: 3040
Fax: (419) 547 - 9173
Office Hours: 7:20 AM - 3:00 PM

Teacher: JTea@clyde.k12.oh.us

Class Website: I do not have one at this time

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