Welcome to Jerry Phillip's Staff Page

Department: Career Technical Education
Courses taught this year: STEM 1 & 2, Construction Trades 1, 2, 3, 4
Courses Previously taught: Woodworking, Applied Engineering
Extra Curricular Activities I advise: Football

First year at Clyde-Green Springs: 2014-2015
Colleges attended: Bowling Green State University
Bachelor's of Science - Technology Education   2012
Master of Education - Learning Design   2015

Personal Note: Hobbies include playing guitar in a local band, hunting, fishing, and many more.

Other Classroom Information: My courses are mostly hands-on and designed to prepare students for a productive future.  This includes the use of technology, such as a Learning Management System, to deliver information in a different format then students are used to in grade school.  Rather than "teach" my classes, I give them the tools they need and I teach them the thought process needed to complete and solve problems of any kind.

Staff Information

Clyde High School
1015 Race Street
Clyde, OH 43410
Phone: (419) 547 - 9511
Extension: 2065
Fax: (419) 547 - 7593
Office Hours: 7:20 AM - 3:00 PM

Teacher: JPhillips@clyde.k12.oh.us

Class Website: I do not have one at this time

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