Welcome to Amanda Dirlam's Staff Page

Department: English
Courses taught this year: English III and English IV
Courses Previously taught: English I, English II (honors and general)
Extra Curricular Activities I advise: I drive my daughter to softball tournaments......

First year at Clyde-Green Springs: 2012-2013
Colleges attended: I attended The University of Toledo for all of my college experience, and received Bachelors' degrees in English Writing and Geography and Planning. Following these programs, I got my Master's in Curriculum and Instruction at the same time as my licensure to teach.

Personal Note: I have two children, Breanna and Taylor, who keep both my husband and I very busy. They are students in the Clyde-Green Springs district and have many hobbies, sports, and interests. My own hobbies include reading (anything I can get my hands on), watching movies, and planning trips to Disney World (I wish I could go every year). 

Other Classroom Information: I have my classes set  up on Google Classroom. The codes are as follows: 2nd period (English IV): quzdds, 4th period (English III): t1x5b4, 5th period (English III): p9o5yr, and 7th period (English III): egql79z

Staff Information

Clyde High School
1015 Race Street
Clyde, OH 43410
Phone: (419) 547 - 9511
Extension: 2051
Fax: (419) 547 - 7593
Office Hours: 7:20 AM - 3:00 PM

Teacher: ADirlam@clyde.k12.oh.us

Class Website: I do not have one at this time

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