Welcome to Lindsey Powell's Staff Page

Department: First Grade
Grade taught this year: First Grade
Grades Previously taught: First Grade
Extra Curricular Activities I advise: None

First year at Clyde-Green Springs: 2015-2016
Colleges attended: I am a graduate of Bowling Green State University and the College of Education and Human Development. My major was Early Childhood Education and within four short years, I received my Bachelor Degree in Science of Education.

Personal Note: Currently, I am not married and have no children. With that, I have the joy of dedicating my time to my students and trying out a variety of new things to create a learning environment that kids love. I enjoy any and all activities and like to try new things. I especially love to craft! I love to spend time with family and friends...and of course my kitten.

Other Classroom Information: I create a positive, flexible, and stimulating classroom environment for any type of child and learner. I stress to my students that in our classroom, we are a "family." Practicing this idea creates a learning environment where the students feel supported and comfortable to ask for help and learn from each other.  I use a hands-on and differentiated approach in all content areas and teach students using a variety of instructional strategies. The students not only have time to learn from me, but they are also given many opportunities to learn from their peers through partner work and group work. The students are able to express themselves and demonstrate their knowledge through different types of "media" that best work for his/her learning style and needs. 

Staff Information

Clyde Elementary
821 South Main St.
Clyde, OH 43410
Phone: (419) 547 - 9868
Extension: 4072
Fax: (419) 547 - 4885
Office Hours: 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM

Teacher: LPowell@clyde.k12.oh.us

Class Website: I do not have one at this time

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I absolutely LOVE the app "Remind." This is the first year I have used it and it makes communicating with parents/guardians, quick and easy! With such busy schedules, the Remind app allows for any updates/announcements to be given quickly and efficiently.